Turf & Weed Control

Maintaining nice lawns and landscapes are goals of many property owners, but for owners of athletic fields, golf courses and public park areas, it is absolutely critical to maintain vibrant, healthy and pristine turf free from weeds and other invasive growth. Haynes is pleased to offer Turf & Weed Control to protect and preserve turf quality and health for years to come.

Turf & Weed Control

Haynes Landscape and Maintenance utilizes specialized equipment and skilled applicators licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture to carefully apply weed and vegetation control treatment to targeted areas to ensure weeds are eliminated and to prevent their future growth. Effective Turf & Weed Control allows your turf to thrive without having to compete with persistent weeds for sunlight, water, oxygen and other essential nutrients. In addition, utilizing a high-quality Turf & Weed Control service reduces future maintenance costs and protects the economic and aesthetic value of your property.

To learn more about how Haynes Landscape’s Turf & Weed Control services can protect and preserve the health and longevity of your turf areas, request a consultation today or contact Haynes directly for more information.

There are many facets to maintaining beautiful landscapes and overall tree health, but one of the most important is soil aeration. Soil that has been compacted over time does not allow water or oxygen to thoroughly penetrate plant and tree roots, subjecting them to tree decline by making their root system vulnerable and low in nutrients.

Haynes Landscape can help reverse soil compaction and improve root systems through their soil aeration services. Haynes Landscape’s Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals will help stimulate soil health through the removal of soil plugs several inches deep to your property’s turf and top-dress the aerated turf with highly enriched compost that will promote turf root growth, nutrient and water absorption, and improve water drainage.

Vertical mulching is a form of aeration for your trees whereby the procedure opens up poor or compacted soils to get air and water to the roots. Vertical mulching involves drilling several two-inch-wide holes into the ground under the tree’s canopy as deep as possible and backfilling these holes with a peat moss and shale material.

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