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Let the good Lord save you money. 

Let the good Lord save you money. 

That’s right. The good Lord can save you money this month by giving you this rain.   Never thought of it that way?  Well. Ok. Me neither really until just now. 

If you were in that line of good rains just now that came through the McKinney, Frisco area you should be good for another week without watering.  Take advantage of the good rain we just had and keep those sprinklers systems off.   Remember. I have properties where I did not turn on until June last year.  The turf was great and actually improved.  I recommend a good turf program as well. 
Now if it really warms up, gets windy.  You may want to pamper any special plants you may have. But for your Bermuda grass lawns Shut’r down ya’ll. 
Give us a call for your sprinkler system repairs.   Ask about our VIP (Valued Irrigation Partner) program. 

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