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Is your system up to Par?

Is your system up to Par?


* Is your system properly working? 

* Are all heads set properly in the ground to maximize coverage and eliminate waste?

* Are all nozzles the correct pattern and distance for the area being watering to assure 100% coverage?

* Is the design correct with the proper layout for maximum and best coverage? ie, are shrubs blocking water distribution to other areas? 

* Are zones designed properly?  Beds and turf separated and not together?  Micro climates zones separated and not together.  ie, heavy sun area zones with a heavy shade area.

* Are sprinkler heads leaning therefore not spraying the correct pattern leaving dry spots? 

* Do you have over spray missing the root zone of plants? I see this often is shrub beds when sprinkler heads are raised above the plant material.

* And many more.

Before any good sprinkler watering program can work the system needs to be at 100% of its potential.  The landscape dictates this.  Having sprinkler heads throwing water out for 10 minutes does not mean you are getting it watered.  As a matter fact I have seen as much as 50% of a landscape not getting properly watered even though the system is watering.  And a poorly functioning sprinkler system can be wasting as much as 40% of its water down the drain and streets.

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