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Allen Irrigation Schedule and Check Points

Allen Irrigation Schedule and Check Points

In North Texas, water has become an increasingly controlled natural resource enforced through municipal regulations. As a vital part of every landscape, irrigation systems should be installed with conservation in mind. We will guide you toward sound practices, such as bubbler zones for trees, drip systems in appropriate areas and proper separation of zones to maximize your system. When properly installed, your system will use as little water as possible to keep your landscape thriving.

Haynes Landscape & Maintenance offers turnkey irrigation design and installation as part of any commercial new installation. We also offer on-going irrigation system service to both our commercial and residential customers.

Our team of licensed irrigation technicians will service your sprinkler system by identifying problems and issues. “Problem solving” and retro-fitting of sprinkler systems are what our irrigation technicians do best. Appropriate coverage and water conservation minded solutions add up to dollars saved. Let us help you to save money!


24 hour emergency response
Complete sprinkler installation
Retro-fitting & upgrading
sprinkler systems

Drainage system design & install
Drip and emitter sprinklers
Backflow prevention testing
Service of well & pump supplied
irrigation systems

Landscape lighting checks


Licensed irrigators
Limited warranties on
parts and labor
Professional and courteous staff
Uniformed employees
Clearly marked vehicles
Fully insured crews
Documented Workforce
English speaking technicians
Itemized billing of repair details
Most advanced technology    available